Biological & Condensed Matter Seminar: Pattern formation approach to dynamical properties of Filopodia

Arik Yochelis, BGU

22 June 2014, 11:00 
Orenshtein Building, Room 102 
Biological & Condensed Matter Seminar


Filopodia is a cellular protrusion and is paramount to cell functionalities, examples of which include cell migration, neurite outgrowth, and wound healing (sensing). However, understanding the filopodia properties appears as not only important biologically but also highly challenging intellectually due to involvement of diverse spatiotemporal behaviors. Here we'll focus on two topics, both approached by the pattern formation theory: (1) reaction-diffusion-elasticity approach towards understanding the key ingredients of Filopodia initiation and (2) reaction-diffusion-advection approach to self-organization of propagating myosins inside the filopodia. 


Seminar Organiser: Jonathan Schwitzer

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