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IBTimes | Agamoni Ghosh | 4.3.2016 | Android and iOS phones under threat as secret crypto keys can be stolen for Bitcoin Wallets and Apple Pay
VICE Motherboard | Michael Byrne | 1.6.2016 | Physical key extraction attacks on PCs
International Business Times | Mary-Ann Russon| 2.6.2016 | Physical Key Extraction Attacks on PCs
IEEE Spectrum | Morgen Peck | 2.12.2016 | The crazy security behind the birth of Zcash, the inside story
כלכליסט | רפאל קאהאן | 21.6.2016| החוקרים שפורצים הצפנה בנגיעת יד
כלכליסט | רפאל קאהן | 24.6.2015 | חומוס, צ’יפס, סייבר
The Economist | Peter Haynes| 18.1.2014 | Unsafe and sound
Le Monde | David Larousserie | 13.1.2014 | Des ordinateurs sur écoute (au sens propre)
MIT Technology Review | David Talbot | 20.8.2014| How to break Cryptography with Your Bare Hands
Ars Technica | Peter Bright | 22.8.2014 | Stealing encryption keys through the power of touch
Hack a Day ||Adam Fabio| 20.12.2013 | Ambient Computer Noise Leaks Your Encryption Keys
Tom’s Guide | Jill Scharr | Computer Sounds Give Up Secret Information | Robert Kędzierski |– #8 site in Poland | 20.12.2013 |  Podsłuchali procesor i… odczytali szyfrowaną wiadomość. Zwykłą komórką !
Engadget | James Trew | Alt-week 12.21.13|  the world’s toughest encryption cracked by a microphone”
Engadget | Michael Gorman |20.12.2013| Computers share their secrets if you listen
Channel 4 News – Geoff White on Technology | Geoff White| 20.12.2013 | The hacker’s latest weapon: a simple microphone”
The Telegraph | Matthew Sparkes | The sound of your PC could betray passwords
PCWorld / Computerworld |Mark Hachman | 19.12.2013 | Listen up: RSA keys snatched by recording CPU sounds with a phone

Web Giants Scrambled to Head Off a Dangerous DDoS Technique 

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