The CPIIS is funding academic projects in information security. For more information please contact
 Funded projects include:



  • “Location exposure due to communication in hostile environments”, Mai Ben Adar Bessos, Bar Ilan University
  • “New Variants of Bleichenbacher’s Attack”, Nimrod Aviram, Tel Aviv University
  • Cryptanalysis of Selected Block Ciphers“, Achiya Bar On, Bar Ilan University
  • “Provable Methods in Noncommutative Alegebraic Cryptography”, Adi Ben Zvi, Bar Ilan University
  • “Protecting Privacy in Personalized Genomic Databases”, Neta Rager, Tel Aviv Univerity
  • “Securing Computations Efficiently”, Mor Weiss, Technion
  • “Threat Information Sharing between Competing Cyber Security Vendors”, Aviram Zarchia, Tel Aviv University




  • “RFID  Security “, Yossi Oren , Tel Aviv University
  • “Deep Packet Inspection  With Small Memory Footprint”, Anat Bremler-Barr, Interdisciplinary Center